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  1. Lulu Rouge feat Fanney Osk - Sign Me Out (Radio Edit) by Lulu Rouge (Official)

  2. çokseslikişilik bölünmesi

    çokseslikişilik bölünmesi

  3. turecepcja:

    Graciela Socorro is an American-Venezuelan Artist based in Houston, Texas.

  4. mashable:

    Artist Sarah DeRemer stepped up the weirdness factor of some of your favorite food with her new series “Animal Food,” which photoshops popular animals as fruits and vegetables.

    They’re simultaneously disturbing and mesmerizing!

  5. "Hiç kimseyi yalan söylediğini anlayacak kadar tanımak istemiyorum."
    — (via gununritmi)
  6. nathalieswannet:

    Lovely dynamic branding for The Swedish History Museum designed by Bold.

  7. nevver:

    Istanbul, Pejac

  8. worclip:

    Phant (2014) by Martin Jakobsen

    This story is not only about a chair. The kids‘ chair is a sophisticated piece of solid wood. I was wondering how to change the typical conception of the chairs. Therefore I designed a minimalist product which has something more than just the functionality. It has a story. Hide your pencils in the chair! The grooves symbolize the memories of childhood etched on mind. Whenever you can take the pencils out and draw what you or your darlings think about.

  9. worclip:

    Join us in the Woods Wedding Invitation (2013) by Ian Collins and Christine Srivongse

    The wedding invitation set for our wedding. Designed and made by my wife and I using our home printer, and a rented laser cutter/engraver.

    Our wedding was in the woods, and we hoped the pop-up trees would give our prospective guests a taste of event they would be attending. The RSVP card was perforated, which let the guest remove the response card and keep a handy map of the surrounding area.

    An accordion-style field-guide was also included, with illustrations done by my wife of local plants and animals.

  10. jebiga-design-magazine:


    Visual Forecast simulated in a box

  11. crossconnectmag:

    Robin Eley (born in London, England in 1978) is an Australian hyperrealist painter based in Adelaide.His work was recently recognized in the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize (highly commended runner-up in 2010 and highly commended 3rd place in 2011). He was a finalist in the Archibald Prize in 2012. His debut solo exhibition Singularity recently concluded at Hill Smith Gallery in South Australia. Eley is currently represented by Hill Smith Gallery in Australia and 101/exhibit in the United States via


    Let’s make #CrossConnectMag the most popular tag on Twitter !

  12. turecepcja:

    Lettering by Ryan Swanson 

  13. reklamalemi:

Çalışırken ben


    Çalışırken ben

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  15. Masaüssü 💸 #macbook #apple #graphic #turkey #izmir #imac #fusiondrive

    Masaüssü 💸 #macbook #apple #graphic #turkey #izmir #imac #fusiondrive